Social Services – The Mental Cases In Charge Of Children Services

How appropriate that Social Services abbreviated is SS. The establishment’s recruiting arm for paedophile feeders that hunt down vulnerable children and then expose them to the worse the establishment can provide in physical and sexual abuse. With what is happening before our very eyes, it seems the SS is quite in our face when it comes to their sick ideals, after all, us white families are all bigoted racists aren’t we.

It’s time to seek out the evil rot within our establishment and throw out these mentally challenged Social Workers who feed on making children’s lives hell.

I have absolutely no faith at all in this evil Government department. I am sure there are a minority of Social Workers who join the SS to try and do good things, in the main, these people are very far and few.


They Say It Would Never Happen Again


The Establishment War Against Us

David Cameron: “The countries economic situation is as if in a war, we must have a war spirit” Yes Cameron, you are at war with us, we will fight with a war spirit!!!

The Nazis were ruthless in how they enforced ethnically cleansing Germany, it didn’t stop there though, disabled people we’re picked out as we’re the sick and poorest who couldn’t contribute towards the Nazis regime. People at the time didn’t realise the scale it was happening on and the Nazis prized themselves on creating jobs, improving the economy and beating the debt from the gloomy 1930’s, where are we hearing that same rhetoric?

Sounds familiar, but how far have you got in sussing out what is happening here in the UK. Some will point the finger at me and say “Conspiracist!”  – “How can you compare us to the Nazis?” etc.. I’m sure some would say much worse. But look around at what’s going on. Things are changing at such a fast pace so to confuse us. It’s hard to keep up, Government Inquiries seem to be occurring on a weekly basis, inquiries in to stopping our freedom of speech in the press, the BBC Scandal and now the failed PCC elections.

But what about the victims of the Paedophile scandal, what of them? It’s amazing that Lord McAlpine gets paid out £185,000 in compensation from the BBC in the space of days, but victims of Establishment abuse by Paedophiles have been waiting years for their justice. It’s a no wonder McAlpine settle out of court, he wouldn’t want to be seen nowhere near acourt room, the wrong questions may get asked – Dunblane and his relationship with the paedophile killer Thomas Hamilton might open up the case notes that are hidden away from us for 100 years.

ATOS are a private firm extracting 100s of millions out of Government charged with assessing those who are long term sick. They are forcing the very sick and disabled back into work. Work? what work? There is something very sinister about all this. People with crippling strokes, cancer and other serious terminal diseases are being assessed and deemed fit for work and placed on the JSA payments and taking away much needed money from the extra they received for their disability / ailment.

This could be straw that breaks the camels back for the Government as people start to wake up that Government is looking after it’s own b(r)and of MPs whilst they still fiddle their expenses and wave it all under our noses.

Mark my words, this is just the beginning of the end of politics as we know it today. This will spark a revolution as people loose their homes and are tossed out onto the street by our Nazi idealist Government.

We seem to have ideas in Government including tried and tested techniques ranging from the Stasi, Nazis and paranoia monitoring the likes of North Korea would be proud. Lies, gagging, cover ups, theft and much more can only be expected until we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I feel it coming, revolution is on the way and I would not like to be in any politicians shoes when it comes. War Crimes, criminal acts against it’s citizens will all be there to answer for. How our establishment has turned against us and labelled us all as potential terrorists and targets our health care, social care, education and every day living standards is criminal.

The Establishment is at war with us. Turn off the crud on the telly, wake up, shape up and smell the coffee! Don’t wait for it to be you next. Question / hassle your MPs, join groups with similar views to yours but don’t sit their thinking this will not effect you, it will! What you are witnessing is social cleansing on a par with ethnic cleansing. We must stop it now – in its tracks

Living On Planet ONS


It must be a great place to live on planet ONS. Unfortunately, my Zenonplasma powered Zodiac MKII spaceship can only project me 999 light years away from planet Earth. A shame because ONS seems to be 100 light years away from planet earth. Let’s look at the statistics for this wonderful planet:

Employment Levels are at: 71.2% 

Inflation Level:  2.7%

Wages: Up 62% in 25 years

Crime: Down 6% Overall

Population: Only 62 Million (Not including Aliens they can’t trace / gone missing)

So folks, fuel up, pack up and get yourself to Planet ONS if you have a more sophisticated spaceship than our ZenoPlasma Zodiac MkII, send us a postcard will ya!


Zodiac MkII Rocket


UK Utilities Are Killers (A reminder 1 year on)

I posted this article nearly 1 year ago, it was reported as harmful to two certain utility companies who didn’t like how it read. Well, taking the recent rises in Gas and Electricity, bringing the rise collectively to over 300% in the last couple of years. I post this again because it’s THE TRUTH! They are trying to kill off the elderly, infirm and poor.  The Truth Hurts!

Terrorists get jailed for either killing or potentially killing people. Corporate companies can have directors prosecuted and jailed for neglect of Health & Safety with staff at work, but our Utility companies are getting away with Manslaughter on a huge scale. Every year, poor and elderly people are dying from hypothermia due to having to chose between Eat or Heat.

These deaths should be officially monitored and recorded and relevant Gas / Electric suppliers prosecuted. Utility companies have a ‘Duty of Care’ to all their customers. The Mafia style Utility Cartels operated by mainly foreign companies should be made fully accountable. Those fixing or de-frauding us within the energy markets should also be made fully responsible.

The usual BS of gas whole sale prices going up doesn’t wash when these utility companies are making record profits. They say they are improving infrastructure, again BS, they’ve been saying this for decades. What they have done is waste resources and billions in useless ‘Telly Tubby’ style windmills. Those who can’t afford solar panels are subsidising those who can,  again, the poorest of of society are footing the bill for those who can afford to make savings by investing in expensive solar technology.

OFGEM are absolutely USELESS. Why is our Tax supporting this toothless, gutless and cowardly quango? Yes, another Quango soaking up millions of pounds to do absolutely NOTHING! Maybe attributing death counts to their income would be incentive to keep this quango on their toes, but I don’t think so, only a revolution will tear these greedy, profit minded companies down, if this winter is going to be as cold as reported earlier today – revolution may be sooner than we think.

Not Fit For Purpose

Considering the current escalating problems in Government and within the Establishment, I’m proposing that our ruling classes are Not Fit For Purpose. The country is being run on a wing and a prayer. Let’s consider just some of the countries problems;

  1. Failure to investigate properly the allegations of the Paedophile Scandal, a national problem.
  2. Turmoil in our Energy sector with price rigging and dodgy trader dealings
  3. Turmoil in our Financial sector, criminal accounts, LIBOR, PPI, Quantative Easing
  4. Destruction of our NHS
  5. Destruction and dismantling of our armed forces
  6. Continuous over ruling of our Justice system by the EU
  7. The amount of cash, £55M per day, going to the EU coffers
  8. Crime and the Justice system in melt down
  9. Housing and over population of the country
  10. Immigration still not fixed
  11. Education system unable to provide a structured curriculum
  12. Local Authorities costing the tax payer a fortune
  13. Corporation Tax fiasco – Lack of professionalism with in HMRC
  14. Unemployment
  15. Transport system chaos
  16. Stretched armed forces costing the UK Billions in unnecessary wars

the list really is just tip of the iceberg. George Osbourne announced today that the end of the coalitions problems will be backing gay marriage, what friggin’ planet are these people on? Today we have witnessed a politician found guilty of fiddling tens of thousands of pounds in expenses, she was spared jail because of her mental state. Try getting a sentence like that in pleb land! The BBC is worried about it’s reputation and is polling people on a daily basis to see if the 76% of people who don’t trust them any more might change their minds if they promise better TV programmes. Aasmar Mamir from BBC Radio Five Live Tweeted – “Please Tweet If you Still Love The BBC” on Monday morning like a snivelling spoilt child.


Pathetic, inappropriate and sickening!!!

The fact is this country is in rapid decline. History has shown that if Governments are shown to be treading all over us and satisfying their own selfish agendas, people will rise up and take back control by force. This country is currently arming the Police to the teeth, but that won’t matter, no amount of body armour, tasers or shot guns, fast BMW’s, Helicopters will stop a revolution. What you are not being shown on the BBC or your beloved news media in this country is how people in Spain are over powering the Police. believe me, things the way they are at the moment, it won’t be long before we witness the same scenes here. No forget about the London riots, that was just a bunch of teens looting.

The more the Establishment treats us like the enemy, we become the enemy.

Congratulations To Our Maleficent Establishment

BBC Hysteria, Pay Offs, Media Lynch Mobs, ‘Fixers’ Bullshitting then Silence, as if nothing has happened. Oh yes, the BBC are still concerned about the latest polls proving just how unpopular they are, they are also worried about their jobs and payoffs. The media have been hell bent on touting false lies about Mr Meesham saying his a fraudster when in fact he was never convicted of fraud as seen on the BBC’s very own news pages from 2005.  Not possible you say, the BBC never lies! It’s a trustworthy corporation, take a look for your self

It seems like a lot of distraction stories too, Gas Price Rigging, Qatada Released and yes, more BBC stories than you can shake a stick at. But what about the abuse inquiries? How about Steven Meesham, someone who is going through all the grief again, where is his help? Whilst the DG of the BBC gets a staggering payout for nothing and the rest of the high level bosses all cover their backsides, the media are doing all they can to distract from the real issue. The issue being that there are dangerous paedophiles escaping justice. The true scale of the paedophile ring is yet to be exposed and probably DOES contain a list of those within the Establishment and Government, past and present.

Here’s my message to the Establishment, you will be brought to justice, the victims will have their day. You can keep running, you think your power is mighty but ‘might’ is not as powerful as ‘right’ and you will be answerable for your despicable crimes.