The Evil Is Unravelling


Time To Wake Up!

Never has the decline been so rapid, never have we seen the establishment  for what it really is. Corrupt, incestuous, evil, tenebrific, smutty, vulgar and a disgrace to all of it’s citizens. We are lied to, mislead and constantly a source of funds for the rich elite that control this country. Our politicians are mere puppets, puppets with form.

We are watching pure greed and evil unravel at a pace which is unprecedented. For what you are witnessing on our TV screens with regards to Savile is just tip of the iceberg. The likes of Savile are just the footmen of what is an establishment led huge paedophile ring which goes right to the heart of the corridors of power in this unwell country.

Bankers to Politicians, Judges to Barristers, Police to Care Workers, Social Workers to Prison Officers, the whole spectrum of Governance in this country is riddled with Evil acts. The Pop artists and TV personalities being exposed today are just the front men, foot soldiers gathering vulnerable children to be abused by those we vote in to power and entrust with running the country. Over the next couple of weeks, upside down flag will be investigating who is really behind the front men.

BBC ‘License to Thrill’


So, to all you BBC License Fee payers, will you be funding the BBC’s lavish lifestyles? Will you be encouraging a totally corrupt organisation with your money? Will you help pay the millions in compensation to Savile’s victims? You will be if you keep paying the license fee and in our book, you are no better than any of them if you pay this fee. Nothing will come out of the BBC self inquiry, just the usual “Lessons Learned” rhetoric with the odd Corporate style buzz words thrown in like “Robust Measures”, “Duty of Care” etc etc when in fact nothing will change until the exterior is broken completely down and those in the dark corridors of power are exposed and brought to justice.


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