Driven To Distraction

Savile Just Keeps Headlining – But…..:

Now it’s been revealed that Jimmy Savile colluded with not only BBC hierarchy to fulfil his pleasures, it’s now revealed that a Council in Yorkshire provided girls for his pleasure for payment in lieu of visiting an event. Six School Girls we’re invited to stay in Savile’s tent  whilst Leeds Council sifted and provided the most ‘stunning’ girls for Savile to have fun with.

But isn’t this all a huge distraction? Do we realise that what Savile and his co buddies have done is just tip of the iceberg. This week, schools are being encouraged to provide contraceptive injections and implants to kids so that that can enjoy underage sex without getting pregnant. Our disgusting ‘Liberal’ leaders would make out this is a good thing and prevent unwanted pregnancies, they gloss over the fact that they are encouraging under age sex, yet more softening for the general public.

This is nothing more than STATE SPONSORED CHILD NEGLECT!!!!! Our establishment has destroyed the family ethos and now want to create circumstances where under age sex is totally acceptable.

Nurses and Teachers will be able to arrange these injections / implants without the parents knowledge, thus taking away parents responsibilities and putting them at the foot of our ‘Nanny’ state, a Nanny State that has become Britain’s Pimp.


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