The British Establishment Is A Cesspit!

Man Up!

The mainstream media (MSN) will not be brave enough to dig deep into the Paedophile Ring being exposed. The ‘Ring’ goes deep, deep at the heart of our establishment involving Politicians, Business Leaders (Masonic), Judiciary, Social Services, The Police right through to the Entertainment world and those running the publicly funded BBC.

As public citizens, we NEED to question our MP’s, contact the press and encourage them to blow this cover up wide open, far beyond the footmen (Savile, Glitter, et al) right to the heart of the matter. Yes, it’s shocking and not the sort of fluffy, brain numbing rubbish you’ve become accustomed to on TV.

Paedophilia MUST STOP NOW!!!! or it could be your child next, or your children’s children! We must not let this get brushed under the carpet during a BBC or Government ‘Inquiry’. How can we expect the BBC to investigate itself? This goes much further and far beyond the BBC! Our establishment is a cesspit, a cesspit covering up disgusting acts of child deprivation and sexual assault.

Contact your MP, raise your concerns, tell them you know it goes much further than the BBC or Savile, listen / watch their reaction – see their FEAR!

read more here


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