Cameron is a DISGRACE!!!!


What is Cameron trying to Hide, why so defensive?

Holding absolutely no support of any of the LibLabCon monopoly, I was appalled at Cameron’s response to Philip Schofield on ITV this morning. Schofield asked about the amount of Tory alleged paedophiles in the party past and present in which Cameron responded that Schofield is fuelling a ‘witch hunt’. Too right, these scum must be hounded out of the darkest corners within our establishment.

It seems OFCOM want to cover up this scandal and assist the Government to hide away the most vile offenders linked to Government and those within the cesspit we call the Establishment. Cameron tried to deflect the conversation by accusing Schofield of attacking gay people, what an absolute load of PC nonsense. Even if most of the peados being exposed ARE gay then this cannot be swept under the carpet for scoring politically correct points. The carpet at No.10 must be absolutely bulging. If Cameron is blocking these investigations or trying to deflect the focus, he should be prosecuted under the full weight of the law and charged with perverting the course of justice


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