Domestic Terrorist or Dissident?


Well, I can’t quite work out where I fit in Orwell’s Britain. Due to my opposition to the establishment, am I a Domestic Terrorist <Cough> or a Dissident <Fart>?

What I do know is that because I support the fact that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron are war criminals, I am viewed as either or both Dissident / Domestic Terrorist. Due to the fact I am publicly blogging my views places me into either of these criteria.

Britain is a trash can, a place that I have turned my back on – totally. I can remember the brainwashing at school, “Britain is the best in the world at this and that” when in fact we are a disgusting nation bringing nothing but misery around the world. Our establishment has been rife with corruption and evil doings. The only difference between us and other corrupt nations is they are in your face with it where as here, it’s hidden in the dark corridors of power.

Our establishment wants you all to think like sheep, act like sheep and keep glued to the absolute benign rubbish on our TV screens.

Want to support paedophiles, illegal wars and the continuous attacks on us by the banks and financial institutions? Keep voting, keep voting for the usual puppets you are so convinced run the country. It’s time for a massive radical shape up of our institutions and political arena. The Bullingdon Club are in a world of their own, they do not share the world we live in, yet they dictate our everyday life. Time for them to be shown the door! It’s not Islamic Terrorist or Domestic Terrorists I fear, it’s our very own Government albeit Labour, Liberal or Conservative. The people committing the biggest atrocities in this country are those occupying the Houses of Parliament.Career politicians are in it for themselves and their filthy ideals, we are an inconvenience to their whole regime. Our children become victims of their sick agenda. I’m no religious nut but I just pray there is a God so that one day, justice may be served up to them for eternity.


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