Blood on our hands!!

Britain wants to arm and assist Terrorist in Syria just as we did in Libya. Syria’s refusal to participate in the IMF is being attacked by British and American sponsored terrorists. This week, Cameron has offered to arm these terrorists to the teeth so they can over throw Assad. 

Want proof of the two faced Governments we vote in here in the UK? Look no further than Blair and his cosy relationship with Gaddafi, Cameron is just fulfilling the tasks Blair / Brown did not complete. The UK is carrying out the Banksters dirty work hand in hand with the USA.

The IMF want total control of the worlds finance sectors. The UK & USA are instrumental in carrying out the IMF / Bankers dirty deeds. Our ‘elected’ puppets YOU vote in have blood on their hands. These arms deals have OUR money on it. THINK!

You must report these politicians to the International Criminal Court (ICC) 


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