Filth, Evil, Corruption, Lies, Sodom and Gomorrah within the British Establishment

The paedophile rings are slowly but surely coming under the spotlight. So many inquiries during the past have been whitewashed or simply brushed under the carpet because they would cause a public out cry against those involved. It seems power and wealth has protected those in a position to abuse children in the most depraving sexual ways unimaginable to normal people. The momentum must be kept going, these vile subjects must not get away and escape justice.

Channel 4 News tonight has compiled an exceptional programme called ‘The Past On Trial’ it’s a must watch programme if you cannot get to grips with the huge scale this paedophile ring reaches. Here at Upside Down Flag, we are trying to get this exposed and it seems our Establishment is on the brink of crumbling. The past has shown us that pure evil and corruption eventually comes out and gets destroyed.

Those Politicians and Elitists MUST BE EXPOSED! As should those in the Police, Judiciary, Local Authorities and Social Services who have evaded justice. Children have died and suffered at the most unthinkable of crimes carried out by those who are meant to be pillars of the community.

Let’s not forget, this is NOT something that was just happening in the 70s & 80s, it is a rife, if not more rife than ever. This must not be drawn in to inquiries focusing just on the past. We need to expose the abuse still being carried out to day by the Elite, Local Authorities, Politicians and those who hold power over these vulnerable children.


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