Daily Mail Covers For Dave

ImageRichard Littlejohn has put a splendid piece in today’s Daily Mail covering Dave’s reaction to Philip Schofields ambush on alleged paedophiles within the Tory Party yesterday on ITV’s This Morning. He states that Dave’s reaction was perfectly natural and that the paedophile allegations are just conjured up by Conspiracy Theorists.

Labelling this as a Conspiracy Theory is the media’s way of calling those making the allegations as some sort of nut cases. Littlejohn had better have good reason to try and put a slant on this because his words will not be forgotten. There are many journalists who will be doing all they can to ensure those in the establishment are not exposed. The ‘Boys Club’ in times of need stick together but I think this is far to big a scandal for anyone to hide behind.

Cameron’s reaction to Schofield’s accusations was thwart with shock because it is probably the first time in decades people are wanting to tackle this head on. When our children are being abused by those running the show, nothing should stop those responsible for being hounded out and brought to justice.

Cameron’s pathetic attempt to deflect the accusations may be his biggest mistake because if it does turn out that Schofield and the so called conspiracy theorists are correct, then Cameron should also be charged with perverting the course of justice. I am very weary of those who are quick to point fingers to conspiracy theories, over time, these conspiracy theories actually carry a lot of fact as we can see with the Hillsborough disaster. I believe our establishment is rife with corruption and hiding some of the planets most vile people.

Our British history isn’t a rosy and fluffy as our School History lessons make out.

The press better make up their minds as to who’s side they are taking as their masters may not protect them once this whole disgusting saga gets unravelled.


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