Keep This Vile Sh*t Out Of The Police!!!



This Pond Life, Mark Andrews, pictured above should be banned from being anywhere near women let alone a police station or police uniform. If Wiltshire Police take this utter tosser back into service, it’s a no wonder the public opinion for the Police is at all time lows despite what Government bullshit tells us. Tweet Wiltshire Police Now @wiltshirepolice and let them know your feelings!

This is the UK Establishment letting us know they are at war with us, the public!!! This seems to be the standard of Policemen being forced upon our Police Forces all up and down the country. Thugs rule the day, uneducated bullies, that’s what type of Copper they now want in the Police. Why? There’s good reason but that’s another posting I will be expanding on over this weekend asking;

Why are our police looking more like Stasi dressed in Black and kitted out like Storm Troopers?


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