Time To Abolish The BBC Inbreds & Money Pit!

ImageThe £145.50 TV License Fee totals around £4.99 Billion in revenue for the BBC, Billions, Not Millions!!.One of the most over bloated organisations bar the NHS in the whole country. Let’s face it, the BBC used to make great TV / Radio by people who were working for the BBC to make entertaining and education programmes. Today, the BBC is full of political agendas that carry a left wing bias.

In this day and age of multi channel digital TV, it’s time to give us the choice and make the BBC subscription based, only then those who bleat on about how good value for money it is can have their cake and eat it. Now, I don’t want to subscribe or pay for a single BBC service. I don’t want to support a left wing, corrupt, incestuous, sick organisation. The TV license is ‘old hat’ designed for when we had a hand full of BBC and BBC Radio services. Today it tries to compete with just about any commercial broadcasting service. This is NOT what the BBC should be about. We have no empire any more, the outdated BBC just does not fit in today .

Staff at the BBC have had it too good for far too long, while the private sector struggles, those at the BBC think they are indestructible and untouchable. Most BBC staff would not last long in the real world.


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