Demand Monitoring Of All Establishment Members Immediately!!

They are quick to set up a national CCTV network to monitor OUR every move, our emails, telephone calls and sms messages are all monitored by the Establishment. They peddle us lies about Terrorism when in fact, they are the aggressors. With the current scandals all coming undone and the Establishment on the brink of collapse, it’s time we demanded monitoring of those who are in power. It’s time to turn the tables! Can we trust the state with our children – NO is the simple answer. We can’t trust the Establishment with the running of this country.

As a collective, we have the power to bring down the establishment without a weapon or violent act having to occur. Refuse to take part in the game they call elections. Let your MP know how you feel and let’s start to tighten the grip. Let’s throw out the filth no matter who they are and what they do.

Our whole Establishment is Filth! There may be the odd normal persons within but they are just as bad for letting corruption, sex scandals and back handers rule the roost of our Establishment.

We need more whistle blowers now. Come on MPs and Police – MAN UP!!!


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