The Daily Mail – Protector Of Paedophiles? Avenger Of Victims?

The schizophrenic behaviour of the Daily Mail is really quite worrying. Here we have a paper that gives the impression it wants paedophiles exposed and then attacks the victims of paedophiles in a nasty, vindictive way. Could it be that the Daily Mail is guilt ridden of denying justice to victims in the past? Could it be responsible for protecting the Establishment’s abusers?

 This weekend has seen a media frenzy, a frenzy that could damage the investigations. Leave the investigations to the Police. All too many times have we seen papers mess these things up. Messham is damaged goods from the abuse he had been subjected too years ago whilst being raped in our Child Institutions. Do we expect this man to have a clear verbatim memory of the events / offenders recalled in exact detail? No, the brain tries to shuts away memories such as this and victims like Meesham should be given all the help in the world to assist in recalling these tragic events in order to put the pieces together. The Daily Mail has shown itself up as the Establishments protector.


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