Why Did This Specimen Brush Abusers Under The Carpet?


Filth Covering Up Filth!!!!

Just looking at certain people gives you a good impression of their integrity. Waterhouse (I cannot bear to write Justice) ignored the claims that politicians and others had abused victims in North Wales in his ‘Lost In Care’ report of February 2000.

The Establishment is well versed in cover ups, this is just another one that is suppressing the real size of the paedophile connections in this country. Again it has reared it’s ugly head. Under no circumstances should this be covered up again. The real question is, can we trust anyone from the Judiciary or part of the Establishment to conduct a full inquiry? We certainly can’t trust our media. The media go into panic and call unconventional media comments as Conspiracy Theorists. Well I know who I’d rather believe and it isn’t a stuck up old fart of the Establishment dressed up in a wig and frock.

 Our Justice system is flawed!                                                          Please Read This


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