The BBC ‘Patsy’ And The MSM ‘Fixers’

Lie, Lie & More Lies

I can’t even bring myself to discuss Entwhistle’s pay off for being the ‘Patsy’. The whole BBC episode is playing out just as they planned. I am convinced that Entwhistle knew of the storm brewing and was cut a deal to act as the Establishment mouth piece & scapegoat well before he took his position as DG. Yes, a mighty allegation but this IS how the Establishment works. How convenient Thompson slides off into the sunset for Entwhistle to come on board and take the flak. I can understand why Entwhistle during his exit statement was so calm and collected.

What’s shocking is how the BBC, the MSM and the Establishment have managed to shift the focus away from the paedophile victims and demonise the victims at the same time. Boy, we live in a very sick, broken country!

For now, we should emphasise the Politicians and High Level Establishment members who have form, and there are enough of them.



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