BBC Children In Need – An Oxymoron If I Ever Heard One!

Seeing an ad type ‘tweet’ from the BBC Children in Need campaign today was like rubbing salt into the wounds. I could not help myself and reply stressing the irony and timing of the campaign. 

There are many Children Charities out there that do some fantastic work and this year I will be mainly donating to NAPAC

My trust in the BBC has totally diminished, they need to be sent a clear message that we will not tolerate such despicable behaviour. Our children past and present are entitled to protection from paedophiles no matter who they are. The BBC has demonstrated over the last  48 hours it’s only interest is in itself.

News night last night was worried about the BBC’s reputation where it revealed that 76% of it’s audience no longer trusts it. It came back with a totally ignorant stance on that Today they will conduct another poll and that figure should go down. “Maybe if we do some more great TV programmes the public will trust us again”

Sorry BBC, one here isn’t that gullible and can’t be easily bought off with crap TV programming. You’ve lost my license fee but a deserving charity will benefit from that. Children are far more important than your over paid executives, presenters and crap TV programmes.


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