Congratulations To Our Maleficent Establishment

BBC Hysteria, Pay Offs, Media Lynch Mobs, ‘Fixers’ Bullshitting then Silence, as if nothing has happened. Oh yes, the BBC are still concerned about the latest polls proving just how unpopular they are, they are also worried about their jobs and payoffs. The media have been hell bent on touting false lies about Mr Meesham saying his a fraudster when in fact he was never convicted of fraud as seen on the BBC’s very own news pages from 2005.  Not possible you say, the BBC never lies! It’s a trustworthy corporation, take a look for your self

It seems like a lot of distraction stories too, Gas Price Rigging, Qatada Released and yes, more BBC stories than you can shake a stick at. But what about the abuse inquiries? How about Steven Meesham, someone who is going through all the grief again, where is his help? Whilst the DG of the BBC gets a staggering payout for nothing and the rest of the high level bosses all cover their backsides, the media are doing all they can to distract from the real issue. The issue being that there are dangerous paedophiles escaping justice. The true scale of the paedophile ring is yet to be exposed and probably DOES contain a list of those within the Establishment and Government, past and present.

Here’s my message to the Establishment, you will be brought to justice, the victims will have their day. You can keep running, you think your power is mighty but ‘might’ is not as powerful as ‘right’ and you will be answerable for your despicable crimes.


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