Not Fit For Purpose

Considering the current escalating problems in Government and within the Establishment, I’m proposing that our ruling classes are Not Fit For Purpose. The country is being run on a wing and a prayer. Let’s consider just some of the countries problems;

  1. Failure to investigate properly the allegations of the Paedophile Scandal, a national problem.
  2. Turmoil in our Energy sector with price rigging and dodgy trader dealings
  3. Turmoil in our Financial sector, criminal accounts, LIBOR, PPI, Quantative Easing
  4. Destruction of our NHS
  5. Destruction and dismantling of our armed forces
  6. Continuous over ruling of our Justice system by the EU
  7. The amount of cash, £55M per day, going to the EU coffers
  8. Crime and the Justice system in melt down
  9. Housing and over population of the country
  10. Immigration still not fixed
  11. Education system unable to provide a structured curriculum
  12. Local Authorities costing the tax payer a fortune
  13. Corporation Tax fiasco – Lack of professionalism with in HMRC
  14. Unemployment
  15. Transport system chaos
  16. Stretched armed forces costing the UK Billions in unnecessary wars

the list really is just tip of the iceberg. George Osbourne announced today that the end of the coalitions problems will be backing gay marriage, what friggin’ planet are these people on? Today we have witnessed a politician found guilty of fiddling tens of thousands of pounds in expenses, she was spared jail because of her mental state. Try getting a sentence like that in pleb land! The BBC is worried about it’s reputation and is polling people on a daily basis to see if the 76% of people who don’t trust them any more might change their minds if they promise better TV programmes. Aasmar Mamir from BBC Radio Five Live Tweeted – “Please Tweet If you Still Love The BBC” on Monday morning like a snivelling spoilt child.


Pathetic, inappropriate and sickening!!!

The fact is this country is in rapid decline. History has shown that if Governments are shown to be treading all over us and satisfying their own selfish agendas, people will rise up and take back control by force. This country is currently arming the Police to the teeth, but that won’t matter, no amount of body armour, tasers or shot guns, fast BMW’s, Helicopters will stop a revolution. What you are not being shown on the BBC or your beloved news media in this country is how people in Spain are over powering the Police. believe me, things the way they are at the moment, it won’t be long before we witness the same scenes here. No forget about the London riots, that was just a bunch of teens looting.

The more the Establishment treats us like the enemy, we become the enemy.


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