UK Utilities Are Killers (A reminder 1 year on)

I posted this article nearly 1 year ago, it was reported as harmful to two certain utility companies who didn’t like how it read. Well, taking the recent rises in Gas and Electricity, bringing the rise collectively to over 300% in the last couple of years. I post this again because it’s THE TRUTH! They are trying to kill off the elderly, infirm and poor.  The Truth Hurts!

Terrorists get jailed for either killing or potentially killing people. Corporate companies can have directors prosecuted and jailed for neglect of Health & Safety with staff at work, but our Utility companies are getting away with Manslaughter on a huge scale. Every year, poor and elderly people are dying from hypothermia due to having to chose between Eat or Heat.

These deaths should be officially monitored and recorded and relevant Gas / Electric suppliers prosecuted. Utility companies have a ‘Duty of Care’ to all their customers. The Mafia style Utility Cartels operated by mainly foreign companies should be made fully accountable. Those fixing or de-frauding us within the energy markets should also be made fully responsible.

The usual BS of gas whole sale prices going up doesn’t wash when these utility companies are making record profits. They say they are improving infrastructure, again BS, they’ve been saying this for decades. What they have done is waste resources and billions in useless ‘Telly Tubby’ style windmills. Those who can’t afford solar panels are subsidising those who can,  again, the poorest of of society are footing the bill for those who can afford to make savings by investing in expensive solar technology.

OFGEM are absolutely USELESS. Why is our Tax supporting this toothless, gutless and cowardly quango? Yes, another Quango soaking up millions of pounds to do absolutely NOTHING! Maybe attributing death counts to their income would be incentive to keep this quango on their toes, but I don’t think so, only a revolution will tear these greedy, profit minded companies down, if this winter is going to be as cold as reported earlier today – revolution may be sooner than we think.


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