How To Ruin A Country – Intentionally

Happy 2013 to you all. With the prospect of things not really getting better any-time soon, I have to be the voice of doom and announce that the cuts and austerity effects have only just started to be felt by most of us. This year is the year where these cuts and so called measures really start to bite. But let’s take a quick look at how we have arrived here in this absolute mess from top to bottom. Conspiracy theory? No, you are witnessing it and what you are witnessing, well, those who have awoke from the slumber, is the intentional breakdown of Britain.

What do you do when you want to destroy something from a Corporate point of view? Yes, that’s right, you put total idiots in charge, let them make mistakes, destroy something and then get rewarded for their failure. Sound familiar? We are witnessing this appointing of idiots from every aspect of our lives. The BBC, NHS, Banks,Transport Networks, Politics, HMRC, Local Government, Schools, Armed Forces – yes, you name it, responsible positions are being manned by specially selected ‘idiots’ with one aim. These idiots don’t always know that’s their mission as they are selected on having a track record for being useless.

You might be in a similar position at work where you see totally useless people suddenly escalated in to positions of power and responsibility. So when you hear more and more of these news stories featuring massive failures – its all intentional, all part of the bigger game. The game in which you can’t win. The ultimate goal is a central power which will govern every aspect of our lives because it will be proved that we can’t.

The television has to be the Governments biggest weapon. With the benign rubbish being spewed out during prime time it seems most of the nation has already been given a lobotomy and lap up the absolute rubbish standard of TV served up to them on their 50″ LED, 3D, Wall Mounted Tele Screens.

This is ‘Common Purpose’ in action


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