The Heat Is On…


I’ve held back with my comments here with regards to the recent savage Murder in Woolwich due to my emotions running very strong and it’s so easy to write something that will get you into the hands of the thought Police. Comments I make on this blog and twitter don’t go to enough people at the moment for them to act which is why recently I’m being followed on Twitter by Conservative organisations and campaigners to build a silencing case against me, other things are happening which I will expose here soon.

Cameron’s ramp up and escalation of the ‘bigger plans’ for us here in the UK have opened up opportunities for him to try and desperately save his reputation and that of his party. Milliband and the labour party are remaining pretty mute right now as they know recent events are fruits of their actions whilst they were in power.

The media is in a frenzy, trying to push the Government message and ideals in to place whilst trying to sanitise the Police State they so wish for. But there is something seriously wrong with this country. Focusing on the events in Woolwich on that day, I could not help but notice is, it was women who came to the aide of the poor soldier having his head and limbs hacked at. Where we’re all the ‘men’? It was not as if there was not any about and what real man would see women put themselves at risk? As a man, watching this made me feel ashamed of my own species.

It’s hardly surprising that MI5 had involvement in Michael Adebolajo’s past. So many times have we heard that the security forces here and abroad had tried to or had actually employed these terror suspects. Conspiracy Theories other the years seemed exaggerated and border on the ridiculous but one has to grasp that there are parallels that can be drawn between the actions of our security forces and so called terrorists. I honestly believe that the establishment are desperately trying to divide us so they can introduce tougher security measures and drip feed us the police state they so desire. Remember these public school trained ‘career politicians’ come from a background of empowerment and abuse and desire the very same treatment of the citizens they now hold power over.

It is quite clear that Politicians think they are our masters and forget that it is us they should be serving, instead, they scoff from the trough and do all they can to secure their futures, assets and reputations at any cost.

What we are witnessing today is similar to what is happening in France, Sweden, Netherlands and other European States where by immigration to these countries is out of control. Here, in the UK our Muslim population is expanding at a rapid pace, I honestly believe that by importing known Islamic terrorists into this country, the establishment wish to tar the Muslim communities with the same brush to cause conflict. Why is it people such as Abu Qatada are still here at tax payers expense? It seems this country has a schizophrenic ideals on dealing with terrorists. I would go as far as saying this country, if it was a person, suffers serious mental issues.

If Cameron and Co we’re serious about tackling Terrorists, why is it the disgusting William Hague is trying to arm Al-Qeda in Syria when we have fought them in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?  Take a look at the mess we have left Libya in and you might get to see just how much damage we are inflicting on these countries in the Middle East and N.Africa.

What you are witnessing is the biggest treasonous actions of our political elite, they are prepared to turn on it’s own population and believe me, IT WILL! The slumber most people are in might only just be waking up to what is happening. We have let our elite Establishment cause destruction around the world whilst we have sat back and watched a plethora of celebrity diatribe on our TV’s.

It’s Our Children They Want to

Question Authority!

These so called ‘Terror Incidents’ are a great way to bury other news. A Senior Judge has called on Families with criminal Fathers or Mothers should have their children taken at birth: <source1> <source2> <source3>

The establishment has beefed up it’s Social Services departments by turning the Children Services into a corporate operation involving Billions of pounds of tax payers money going to private entities tasked in dealing and distributing children taken in to care. With the current track record of Establishment cover ups of Care Home abuse, Social Service abuse, Judges, Lawyers and the judiciary playing a serious part in child sexual abuse, I would not trust these disgusting individuals / organisations with a train set. Is this a case of Judges wanting more choice?  Have they a shortage of Children to further abuse? I demand an independent public inquiry into Establishment Child Abuse.


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