They Are At War……With Us (A Message To Cameron)

Not being contempt with waging war on the Middle East and North Africa countries, Cameron has gone a step further than Blair, he has waged war on his own population. As we witness opposition to Islamic Extremists we see people being arrested in Bristol for walking in aide of Help The Heroes. It is known that Cameron wants to come down tough on those appalled at the recent  hacking of one of our soldiers on home turf.

Cameron has jetted off on a tax payers holiday to Ibiza whilst the country tries to come to terms with last weeks events. Do us all a favour Dave, stay there and don’t ever bother coming back. You are a total disgrace!

From Health Care to Social Housing, from looking after our sick and disabled through to those who dare be patriot enough to be totally offended by last weeks hacking in Woolwich, Cameron’s Establishment intent to come down hard on us whilst just fobbing us all off quoting he will be tough on Islamic Extemists / Preachers of hate. Too late Dave, it’s far too late and still you pander to Terrorists. Is that because this Government is acting as Terrorists themselves?

No David, I won’t fall for your pathetic stance, I can see right through this establishments illusion. I am at war with this government, not Islamic extemists, they are pissed off because of both yours and Blair’s foreign policies. You are a danger to this country, you have put us all at risk be it the indigenous or Islamic communities. You have created the very circumstances we are witnessing today, for that you should be arrested.

Keep stoking the fires Dave and you will regret the consequences. History has proven that power hungry leaders who shit on their own get over turned and dealt with. You sir are pushing us all further and further.

If I was you, I’d stay in Ibiza, after all, we have open borders now and you could claim asylum. Maybe if you ship the rest of you Bullingdon Boys with you, this country might be better for it. Whilst you are at it, take Milliband and Cleg and their cronies with them and we can watch from a distance as you destroy another country.

God help you!


One thought on “They Are At War……With Us (A Message To Cameron)

  1. I don’t know whether you do or don’t already know this, so…

    In 2007, investment began flowing into Libya, supposedly in return for Gaddafi terminating his nuclear weapons program, but the investors and their workers needed feeding, as did the security forces needed to protect the investments – which included violent extremists from Mali (it’s easier to get a foreigner to shoot a Libyan than get a Libyan to shoot a Libyan). By 2010, the Malibya project had begun. Using Chinese labour, the 25 mile Malibya Canal was built to syphon water from the Niger River to irrigate the 150 square miles of confiscated land used to produce food entirely for export to Libya.

    The resulting 30cm drop in the Niger River translates to a 50% reduction in the area of the delta floodplains, used for feeding Malians.

    The violent extremists working for Gaddafi left Libya when his regime fell in late 2011, and went back to Mali with their weapons. This posed a threat to European investment in Libya, as they would be strong enough to regain control over Mali’s water. There was unhappiness with the level of resistance the elected government put up against this, which lead to the government being deposed in a military coup in 2012. The new military rulership invited in foreign forces. France led these intervention forces into Mali in 2013, killing the violent extremists in order to stop Malians getting their water back, protecting their investments. Cameron contributed the assistance of a number of misinformed Brits in this mission to deprive poor Africans of their water.

    Once you’re helping to steal water from the most impoverished of Africans, you’re probably pretty much okay with anything else.

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