Love Is Love, Love Knows No Age, No Distance, No Gender

nigel oldfieldThe OSC, or should I say, the loner, Nigel Oldfield’s latest Bedroom operation’s favourite saying is in the title above. “Love Is Love, Love Knows No Age, No Distance, No Gender”  The latest bile on the OSC blog is again, using lame, predictable reverse psychology tactics to normalise his addiction to child porn.



OSC ‘Tag Line’

Let’s explore the tag line he has chosen for his new @OSCP12c revival.

Love is Love.

Is it? how do you define love. I love the car I drive, but not in the same way I love my wife.

Love Knows No Age:

I love my Son, a love that is the ultimate love between a father and son / daughter, but not in a sexual way as you define love.

No Nigel you are confusing love with power, you see, you might be a Chemistry Teacher, you might class yourself as a doctor, but one thing your single, selfish life can never understand is love.

Your love is power, like the power you think you have over a still image of a vulnerable child, like your wet dreams of wanking over a child in a photograph. Your Love is Power, the power you think you  hold over a helpless innocent child.

You Nigel are the lowest form of life, despite your academic qualifications, you have no real humanity, you are an abuser, a sex offender, in fact an unrepentant sex offender of the worst kind.

You are a danger to all children. Love, you wouldn’t know what it was if your life depended on it


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