The UK IS a Paedophile Run Country and Parliament Is It’s HQ

parliamentBritain, the country that likes to see itself as the beacon of freedom, democracy and justice. We get brainwashed during our education that Britain is the best at this, the best at that and that we are a world leading example of a civilised society.  Since growing up and taking off the rose tinted glasses our system  forcibly make us wear whilst at School, I can see there is a very, very dark side to this country, one, even the queen has warned us about, one that is sickening and happening under our very noses.

For thousands of years, children have been used as an emotional black mail tool, some in very violent and abusive regimes.  The innocence of our children is their ultimate weapon against us and they want to take it in any way they can.

The ‘dark side’ I talk of in some countries is in your face, there are no illusions that such atrocities and abuse are carried out on a huge scale, here in Britain, the capital of Sex Offenders & Paedophiles, these crimes are carried out with the protection of our political system, justice system and the very people that Police us.

nigel oldfield

Sex Offender Nigel Oldfield

I am currently pursuing a convicted sex offender who was in procession of indecent child images and who was allowed to pursue his sick minded perversions from his jail cell. Now released he continues to do the same behind the mask of an organisation called OSC ( you can read about the individual here:

This guy considers himself the ‘Overlord’ and ‘always winning’ is the moto of his group, which provides information and advice to other paedophiles and sex offenders and quite openly provides links to children’s groups such as girl talk etc etc. 
Many people have contacted the Police PPU (Public Protection Unit) operated by the South Yorkshire Police. I too was one of many who contacted them as was quite shocked at the response and attitude from the police. I was informed a member of the PPU would return my call, no one did. It’s become quite clear that my suspicions are being confirmed. The Police have form in covering up the filthy paths paedophiles create, many are footman to more powerful figures like Politicians, Judges, Lawyers and a whole host of sick individuals who rule over us. Paedophilia has been a way that even our own security services such as MI5 and MI6 use ‘have one over’ on high ranking / VIP status individuals.
This web of child abuse extends from individuals like Nigel Oldfield, who in essence is bottom of this pyramid. Paedophile rings reach in to the upper echelons of our system, society and its reported, as far up as Royalty.
Due to the lack of police interest, I am making it my quest to take this to the press, if no one else will do it or assist, I will!
I own plenty of TV Camera Equipment and have my own edit facility which I am willing to use. 
watch this space!
UPDATED: Nigel Oldfield has updated his OSC (Online Sex Offenders Community Site) with this blog post. If you care to visit, you can see classic examples of his use of reverse psychology. I am the ‘sick one’ the writer of this blog for being so disgusted with his open views that children are there to be sexually abused by adults, I should endorse his rights to advise and part take in child / teenage based web sites such as Girl Talk.
He turns himself in to a victim, I am now stalking, harassing him. No Nigel, I am investigating you with an intention to warn the public that you are nothing but a SEX PEST and a danger to our children who continues to spread your filthy ideals among the internet fraternity. His delusions create the impression that now the Police are investigating me, if that’s the case, great, I will have my opportunity to let them know what I feel about scum abusing children whether it’s downloading pictures or partaking in the abuse itself – It’s all the same CHILD ABUSE. But alas, I can see right through this psychotic piece of scum, he thinks he can use fear like a paedophile does with children. Trouble is Nigel, you are dealing with adults. And by the way, I am neither a victim or ‘survivor’ – I am someone who just finds you disgusting – PRINT THAT in your heinous, evil blog 


They Are At War……With Us (A Message To Cameron)

Not being contempt with waging war on the Middle East and North Africa countries, Cameron has gone a step further than Blair, he has waged war on his own population. As we witness opposition to Islamic Extremists we see people being arrested in Bristol for walking in aide of Help The Heroes. It is known that Cameron wants to come down tough on those appalled at the recent  hacking of one of our soldiers on home turf.

Cameron has jetted off on a tax payers holiday to Ibiza whilst the country tries to come to terms with last weeks events. Do us all a favour Dave, stay there and don’t ever bother coming back. You are a total disgrace!

From Health Care to Social Housing, from looking after our sick and disabled through to those who dare be patriot enough to be totally offended by last weeks hacking in Woolwich, Cameron’s Establishment intent to come down hard on us whilst just fobbing us all off quoting he will be tough on Islamic Extemists / Preachers of hate. Too late Dave, it’s far too late and still you pander to Terrorists. Is that because this Government is acting as Terrorists themselves?

No David, I won’t fall for your pathetic stance, I can see right through this establishments illusion. I am at war with this government, not Islamic extemists, they are pissed off because of both yours and Blair’s foreign policies. You are a danger to this country, you have put us all at risk be it the indigenous or Islamic communities. You have created the very circumstances we are witnessing today, for that you should be arrested.

Keep stoking the fires Dave and you will regret the consequences. History has proven that power hungry leaders who shit on their own get over turned and dealt with. You sir are pushing us all further and further.

If I was you, I’d stay in Ibiza, after all, we have open borders now and you could claim asylum. Maybe if you ship the rest of you Bullingdon Boys with you, this country might be better for it. Whilst you are at it, take Milliband and Cleg and their cronies with them and we can watch from a distance as you destroy another country.

God help you!

The UK – Officially ‘A Shit Hole’

uksOffensive isn’t it, the pile of poo laid on top of our national flag, but that’s probably a great representation of how things are here in the UK today. Perhaps a Banana Republic would of been a much softer label for this ever declining country.   As former soviet state countries wise up and give warnings to their citizens about State Sponsored Child Kidnapping in the UK by our very own SS (Social Services) our decline is sinking into an era that would sit quite comfortably in Nazi Germany during WWII.

We are being told by our Government and Media that Crime is low and there’s good news with regards to the economy, you’d have to be on some sort of hallucinatory drugs to sucker this utter bullshit.  ‘Dave’ has totally lost the plot and has managed to prove just how misaligned he and his party are from the public, the very people that put them there whilst ‘Ed’ is trying to turn his party into a clone of the current LibCon party coalition.  Meanwhile all this focus on Europe is an attempt for Dave to push his Gay Marriage legislation. Why Dave seems to think this is far more important than the country being on the brink of collapse, the ever increasing food banks cropping up providing shit, cheap tinned food to those unfortunate or have the bare cheek to be unemployed, sick or disabled.

Laughing At Us!

Laughing At Us!

Suicides have sky rocketed in recent months as more and more people feel the squeeze. Meanwhile, MP’s want to increase their salaries by £10 – 20,000 per year whilst us plebs face ever increasing bills and cost of living whilst not having any significant wage rises since 2008. The poor are charged a bedroom tax for those with an extra room or more in social housing whilst MP’s expand on their property port folios. The political class we are voting in are laughing at us. Former public school boys with elitist attitudes are intentionally breaking the backbone of the country and trying to divide the class system in to two camps; Rich or Poor or Us and Them.  I must say, so far they are doing a fantastic job of it and even better, the public are happily sleep walking into it whilst the TV ensures to promote a slumber and put everyone in a state of almost utopia. A utopia of celebrity worship, banal reality TV shows and soap operas. Let’s face it, no one can hardly afford to have a social life outside of being stuck indoors with wall to wall TV on whilst sinking some cheap booze from the supermarkets. Social cohesion is near extinct where most can only converse about Football, TV Soaps, Celebrities and the plethora of TV Reality shows.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…….

ImageAbu Qatada has got another victory today via some unknown body called SIAC. So, our Supreme Court, who ruled he should be deported, is worth absolute dit, nada, nil – nothing!

Europe again has overridden our Justice system and is quite content that a Terrorist is allowed to stay on our streets, albeit with a Tag.

Sorry I have given up on this country, what absolute sorry state we are in.

£1 million on in legal aide, how much more are us tax payers going to pay for this hate mongering Terrorist to be on our shores?

Keep This Vile Sh*t Out Of The Police!!!



This Pond Life, Mark Andrews, pictured above should be banned from being anywhere near women let alone a police station or police uniform. If Wiltshire Police take this utter tosser back into service, it’s a no wonder the public opinion for the Police is at all time lows despite what Government bullshit tells us. Tweet Wiltshire Police Now @wiltshirepolice and let them know your feelings!

This is the UK Establishment letting us know they are at war with us, the public!!! This seems to be the standard of Policemen being forced upon our Police Forces all up and down the country. Thugs rule the day, uneducated bullies, that’s what type of Copper they now want in the Police. Why? There’s good reason but that’s another posting I will be expanding on over this weekend asking;

Why are our police looking more like Stasi dressed in Black and kitted out like Storm Troopers?

The British Establishment Is A Cesspit!

Man Up!

The mainstream media (MSN) will not be brave enough to dig deep into the Paedophile Ring being exposed. The ‘Ring’ goes deep, deep at the heart of our establishment involving Politicians, Business Leaders (Masonic), Judiciary, Social Services, The Police right through to the Entertainment world and those running the publicly funded BBC.

As public citizens, we NEED to question our MP’s, contact the press and encourage them to blow this cover up wide open, far beyond the footmen (Savile, Glitter, et al) right to the heart of the matter. Yes, it’s shocking and not the sort of fluffy, brain numbing rubbish you’ve become accustomed to on TV.

Paedophilia MUST STOP NOW!!!! or it could be your child next, or your children’s children! We must not let this get brushed under the carpet during a BBC or Government ‘Inquiry’. How can we expect the BBC to investigate itself? This goes much further and far beyond the BBC! Our establishment is a cesspit, a cesspit covering up disgusting acts of child deprivation and sexual assault.

Contact your MP, raise your concerns, tell them you know it goes much further than the BBC or Savile, listen / watch their reaction – see their FEAR!

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