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Don’t wish too hard, you might just get what you want! ***snigger, snigger***

Voted for Legal Aid Cuts

Voted for Legal Aid Cuts

Nigel Evans, reported as being someone who really shouldn’t drink and be around men or woman if he does. Justice was served swiftly this week, not because he managed to get off the charges he faced, it was due to the fact that fate has a funny way of giving what we ask for.

Evans voted for cuts to the legal aid system and is now causing a fuss that he wants his £100,000 legal fees back. Now that’s what I call Poetic Justice, Karma!

Love Is Love, Love Knows No Age, No Distance, No Gender

nigel oldfieldThe OSC, or should I say, the loner, Nigel Oldfield’s latest Bedroom operation’s favourite saying is in the title above. “Love Is Love, Love Knows No Age, No Distance, No Gender”  The latest bile on the OSC blog is again, using lame, predictable reverse psychology tactics to normalise his addiction to child porn.



OSC ‘Tag Line’

Let’s explore the tag line he has chosen for his new @OSCP12c revival.

Love is Love.

Is it? how do you define love. I love the car I drive, but not in the same way I love my wife.

Love Knows No Age:

I love my Son, a love that is the ultimate love between a father and son / daughter, but not in a sexual way as you define love.

No Nigel you are confusing love with power, you see, you might be a Chemistry Teacher, you might class yourself as a doctor, but one thing your single, selfish life can never understand is love.

Your love is power, like the power you think you have over a still image of a vulnerable child, like your wet dreams of wanking over a child in a photograph. Your Love is Power, the power you think you  hold over a helpless innocent child.

You Nigel are the lowest form of life, despite your academic qualifications, you have no real humanity, you are an abuser, a sex offender, in fact an unrepentant sex offender of the worst kind.

You are a danger to all children. Love, you wouldn’t know what it was if your life depended on it

Banking Is The New Terrorism.

Just like the mountain ranges in Afghanistan, the Bankers hide high up in their office blocks in the protection of the autonomous ‘City of London’ an absolute law unto itself. Our Governments have been foolishly duped into thinking Bankers are top dog, untouchable, unquestionable and the most important part of the UK financial structure.

I ask, where are the jailings for the Barclays and Co Libor scandal? Where are the jailings of the HSBC drug cartel money laundering bankers? Who’s paying for the PPI frauds we have suffered?

War on Terror? Fufff, that’ll be the Bankers and Politicians

Lawyers, Judges, Bankers – You are all either bent, liars, paedos or thieves (or all three)


It’s a rant and you ain’t gonna like it! But it’s all connected.

There’s only a few words one can pick to describe the so called Justice system in this country, and it can be equally summed up the same way the Bankers and Politicians can be categorised.

A majority of Judges, Lawyers and Bankers are parasites, a cancer on society that eats away at people both financially and emotionally. These normally ‘well to do’ specimens come from a life of abuse from home, school, college and their breeding grounds of filth called the Oxbridge inbreds.

Never have I felt so disgusted at our profiteering institutions that we are pathetically told, the ‘best in the world’ when in fact, they are the arse of an infected and disgusting bowel. Yes, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is actually a private company and creates profit from peoples misery and it’s a lot of profit.

Their psychological make up is a winning formula with the odd case they’ll make out that justice has been served but this covers the fact that most of their cases protect criminals, paedophiles, sex attackers and corporate criminals. Why? just look at them. It would seem those judging are also those at the top of the tree when it comes to real serious crime.

Something is seriously wrong:

Britain’s moral compass is not just in the gutter, it’s gone down the drain in to a quagmire of excrement. Britain has become the hot bed of everything that’s wrong becoming right in the eyes of our mentally ill establishment. History has taught us that the most heinous of crimes have come from our rich leaders.

We now live in a society that has become insular, people are totally disenfranchised from politics, they are not interested.   Politicians know they can do what they want and the tail has ended up wagging the dog. The plethora of ‘celebrity TV’ has got people wanting everything and wanting to be someone at any cost. These distractions have let many illegal and detrimental laws, bills and legislation pass under the bridge unnoticed.

So, for all of this country’s ills, can we blame politicians? Well the straight forward answer to that is NO! I blame each and every one of us. The ‘living for now’ attitude has seen a generation pass through wanting the world and guess what? Our establishment gave it to them and whipped it away like taking a sweet from a child. That generation is now in a limbo. This country has been stripped of it’s many industries that flourished. Workers sense of pride has mainly all but disappeared.

As a nation we have been raped, raped by the Bankers to fulfill their KPI’s, bonuses and profits. We see private utility companies raping the vulnerable of their cash. Whilst Cameron tells us the economy is on the road to recovery, in other words his banker pals are profiting again, we see the growth of food banks multiply threefold. Just look around your local high street. Multiple outlets aimed at profiteering from the poor. Betting Shops, PayDay Loan companies, Charity Shops and legalised criminals such as Bright House making a £299 washing machine end up costing someone £1000.

It’s the EU’s fault?!

No, we can not entirely blame the self gratifying, un-elected control freaks in the European Parliament. We’ve got ourselves to blame and us only. The moment we all wake up and realise that Justine Beiber, Katy Price, Simon Cowl or any of the other celebrity drones aren’t going to make your life any better albeit the temporary distraction they provide whilst you waste another Saturday / Sunday glued to the Goggle Box.

What can we do?

If you can take a second and think about our children’s future, not your immediate selfish wants at this time, think about what its going to be like for them! What we are witnessing now is the further enslavement to the establishment, our lives in every aspect will be controlled, ruled and decided by those I have described above. Do you want some mentally ill person who dresses up in stockings, wigs and gowns deciding your children’s future? Do you want some damaged well to do, disturbed OxBridge specimen ruling us? No? then get involved in politics at any level. Let them know we are observing their every move, their every expense, their every appointment and analyse what it is they actually do FOR US.

Alas, I’m sure my rant is falling on deaf ears as I fear it might be all too late. You have become their property and they already totally control you, your family and your friends.

How To Ruin A Country – Intentionally

Happy 2013 to you all. With the prospect of things not really getting better any-time soon, I have to be the voice of doom and announce that the cuts and austerity effects have only just started to be felt by most of us. This year is the year where these cuts and so called measures really start to bite. But let’s take a quick look at how we have arrived here in this absolute mess from top to bottom. Conspiracy theory? No, you are witnessing it and what you are witnessing, well, those who have awoke from the slumber, is the intentional breakdown of Britain.

What do you do when you want to destroy something from a Corporate point of view? Yes, that’s right, you put total idiots in charge, let them make mistakes, destroy something and then get rewarded for their failure. Sound familiar? We are witnessing this appointing of idiots from every aspect of our lives. The BBC, NHS, Banks,Transport Networks, Politics, HMRC, Local Government, Schools, Armed Forces – yes, you name it, responsible positions are being manned by specially selected ‘idiots’ with one aim. These idiots don’t always know that’s their mission as they are selected on having a track record for being useless.

You might be in a similar position at work where you see totally useless people suddenly escalated in to positions of power and responsibility. So when you hear more and more of these news stories featuring massive failures – its all intentional, all part of the bigger game. The game in which you can’t win. The ultimate goal is a central power which will govern every aspect of our lives because it will be proved that we can’t.

The television has to be the Governments biggest weapon. With the benign rubbish being spewed out during prime time it seems most of the nation has already been given a lobotomy and lap up the absolute rubbish standard of TV served up to them on their 50″ LED, 3D, Wall Mounted Tele Screens.

This is ‘Common Purpose’ in action

Social Services – The Mental Cases In Charge Of Children Services

How appropriate that Social Services abbreviated is SS. The establishment’s recruiting arm for paedophile feeders that hunt down vulnerable children and then expose them to the worse the establishment can provide in physical and sexual abuse. With what is happening before our very eyes, it seems the SS is quite in our face when it comes to their sick ideals, after all, us white families are all bigoted racists aren’t we.

It’s time to seek out the evil rot within our establishment and throw out these mentally challenged Social Workers who feed on making children’s lives hell.

I have absolutely no faith at all in this evil Government department. I am sure there are a minority of Social Workers who join the SS to try and do good things, in the main, these people are very far and few.