What / Who is the OSC (Online Sex Offenders Community)

For those who have never heard of convicted sex offender Nigel Oldfield, here’s some disturbing reading for you to brief yourself with before reading on and discovering what and who the OSC (Online Sex Offenders Community) is:


The Paedophiles Agony Uncle



Nigel Oldfield runs a site which he was able to create from his cell whilst serving time for being convicted of having over 11,000 indecent child images


He now runs this web site which offers help, advice, and legal help with web links to children’s web sites and chat rooms. He was renowned for taking part in Girl Chat forum. Just think, a paedophile actually advising children. He also hunts down abuse victims on line and continues his psychological abuse.

He mainly uses his OSC web site to cut and paste twitter comments and web sites that tend to either challenge him or insult him due to his shared perversion and love of abused children and those who take part in the abuse.

Nigel Oldfield was a school teacher, a chemistry teacher who was caught taking photographs of girls in a shopping centre. Police raided his home in 2002 and found a host of images of abused children, ages ranging from babies upwards.

He lampooned the treatment he received for sex offenders as ‘mind numbing’, his warped mind actually thinks that those who do not share his beliefs are the real criminals.

Twitter have recently banned his @OSCP1 account and have actively closed down the following 10 accounts he tried setting up within 24 hrs. We have evidence of him intimidating victims of child abuse and sharing sites of interest to paedophiles using twitter. He always refers to himself as “We / They / Us” when in fact the OSC is no more than him probably sat on a sofa with a laptop conversing secretly with  child abusing / paedophile members. He continuously refers to libel, being harassed when in fact, it is him pursuing victims and preying on child support organisations.

Oldfield’s “Always Winning” tag line is another piece of reverse psychology to give the view that despite your protests, views or opinions on his ‘bedroom’ based organisation, you can not win. Child Sex Offenders always have the upper hand and you as what’s seen as a normal citizen, can’t win against him and his bedroom operation.

To ensure this criminal is not allowed to perform these tasks he is so intent in pursuing, we need him to be banned from ever having an internet connection. It seems our justice system is happy for him to carry on as are the Police.

And you thought we lived in a civilised country, think again.

Update: OSC is back under the guise if @OSCP12c with the following header:




Congratulations To Our Maleficent Establishment

BBC Hysteria, Pay Offs, Media Lynch Mobs, ‘Fixers’ Bullshitting then Silence, as if nothing has happened. Oh yes, the BBC are still concerned about the latest polls proving just how unpopular they are, they are also worried about their jobs and payoffs. The media have been hell bent on touting false lies about Mr Meesham saying his a fraudster when in fact he was never convicted of fraud as seen on the BBC’s very own news pages from 2005.  Not possible you say, the BBC never lies! It’s a trustworthy corporation, take a look for your self http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/north_east/4208279.stm

It seems like a lot of distraction stories too, Gas Price Rigging, Qatada Released and yes, more BBC stories than you can shake a stick at. But what about the abuse inquiries? How about Steven Meesham, someone who is going through all the grief again, where is his help? Whilst the DG of the BBC gets a staggering payout for nothing and the rest of the high level bosses all cover their backsides, the media are doing all they can to distract from the real issue. The issue being that there are dangerous paedophiles escaping justice. The true scale of the paedophile ring is yet to be exposed and probably DOES contain a list of those within the Establishment and Government, past and present.

Here’s my message to the Establishment, you will be brought to justice, the victims will have their day. You can keep running, you think your power is mighty but ‘might’ is not as powerful as ‘right’ and you will be answerable for your despicable crimes.

The BBC ‘Patsy’ And The MSM ‘Fixers’

Lie, Lie & More Lies

I can’t even bring myself to discuss Entwhistle’s pay off for being the ‘Patsy’. The whole BBC episode is playing out just as they planned. I am convinced that Entwhistle knew of the storm brewing and was cut a deal to act as the Establishment mouth piece & scapegoat well before he took his position as DG. Yes, a mighty allegation but this IS how the Establishment works. How convenient Thompson slides off into the sunset for Entwhistle to come on board and take the flak. I can understand why Entwhistle during his exit statement was so calm and collected.

What’s shocking is how the BBC, the MSM and the Establishment have managed to shift the focus away from the paedophile victims and demonise the victims at the same time. Boy, we live in a very sick, broken country!

For now, we should emphasise the Politicians and High Level Establishment members who have form, and there are enough of them.


Demand Monitoring Of All Establishment Members Immediately!!

They are quick to set up a national CCTV network to monitor OUR every move, our emails, telephone calls and sms messages are all monitored by the Establishment. They peddle us lies about Terrorism when in fact, they are the aggressors. With the current scandals all coming undone and the Establishment on the brink of collapse, it’s time we demanded monitoring of those who are in power. It’s time to turn the tables! Can we trust the state with our children – NO is the simple answer. We can’t trust the Establishment with the running of this country.

As a collective, we have the power to bring down the establishment without a weapon or violent act having to occur. Refuse to take part in the game they call elections. Let your MP know how you feel and let’s start to tighten the grip. Let’s throw out the filth no matter who they are and what they do.

Our whole Establishment is Filth! There may be the odd normal persons within but they are just as bad for letting corruption, sex scandals and back handers rule the roost of our Establishment.

We need more whistle blowers now. Come on MPs and Police – MAN UP!!!

The Daily Mail – Protector Of Paedophiles? Avenger Of Victims?

The schizophrenic behaviour of the Daily Mail is really quite worrying. Here we have a paper that gives the impression it wants paedophiles exposed and then attacks the victims of paedophiles in a nasty, vindictive way. Could it be that the Daily Mail is guilt ridden of denying justice to victims in the past? Could it be responsible for protecting the Establishment’s abusers?

 This weekend has seen a media frenzy, a frenzy that could damage the investigations. Leave the investigations to the Police. All too many times have we seen papers mess these things up. Messham is damaged goods from the abuse he had been subjected too years ago whilst being raped in our Child Institutions. Do we expect this man to have a clear verbatim memory of the events / offenders recalled in exact detail? No, the brain tries to shuts away memories such as this and victims like Meesham should be given all the help in the world to assist in recalling these tragic events in order to put the pieces together. The Daily Mail has shown itself up as the Establishments protector.

BBC ‘Lefty’ Propaganda or Smoke Screen? The REAL Conspiracy…

In light of the goings on during the last 24 hours, two questions have to be asked…

  1. Was naming McAlpine an opportunist BBC ‘Lefty’ attack on the Torys?
  2. Is this all a Smoke Screen to cover up those involved who are considered High Profile?

There is absolutely no doubt at all that the Establishment makes threats against those who expose their high profile members. We’ve had mysterious Car Crashes, Hangings and break ins resulting in the deaths of those who are on the brink of exposing the ‘ills’ of the establishment.

Interesting times but I am taking media reports at this time with a pinch of salt. The real conspiracy lies within both the British Government and the Establishment.

Daily Mail Covers For Dave

ImageRichard Littlejohn has put a splendid piece in today’s Daily Mail covering Dave’s reaction to Philip Schofields ambush on alleged paedophiles within the Tory Party yesterday on ITV’s This Morning. He states that Dave’s reaction was perfectly natural and that the paedophile allegations are just conjured up by Conspiracy Theorists.

Labelling this as a Conspiracy Theory is the media’s way of calling those making the allegations as some sort of nut cases. Littlejohn had better have good reason to try and put a slant on this because his words will not be forgotten. There are many journalists who will be doing all they can to ensure those in the establishment are not exposed. The ‘Boys Club’ in times of need stick together but I think this is far to big a scandal for anyone to hide behind.

Cameron’s reaction to Schofield’s accusations was thwart with shock because it is probably the first time in decades people are wanting to tackle this head on. When our children are being abused by those running the show, nothing should stop those responsible for being hounded out and brought to justice.

Cameron’s pathetic attempt to deflect the accusations may be his biggest mistake because if it does turn out that Schofield and the so called conspiracy theorists are correct, then Cameron should also be charged with perverting the course of justice. I am very weary of those who are quick to point fingers to conspiracy theories, over time, these conspiracy theories actually carry a lot of fact as we can see with the Hillsborough disaster. I believe our establishment is rife with corruption and hiding some of the planets most vile people.

Our British history isn’t a rosy and fluffy as our School History lessons make out.

The press better make up their minds as to who’s side they are taking as their masters may not protect them once this whole disgusting saga gets unravelled.