What / Who is the OSC (Online Sex Offenders Community)

For those who have never heard of convicted sex offender Nigel Oldfield, here’s some disturbing reading for you to brief yourself with before reading on and discovering what and who the OSC (Online Sex Offenders Community) is:


The Paedophiles Agony Uncle



Nigel Oldfield runs a site which he was able to create from his cell whilst serving time for being convicted of having over 11,000 indecent child images


He now runs this web site which offers help, advice, and legal help with web links to children’s web sites and chat rooms. He was renowned for taking part in Girl Chat forum. Just think, a paedophile actually advising children. He also hunts down abuse victims on line and continues his psychological abuse.

He mainly uses his OSC web site to cut and paste twitter comments and web sites that tend to either challenge him or insult him due to his shared perversion and love of abused children and those who take part in the abuse.

Nigel Oldfield was a school teacher, a chemistry teacher who was caught taking photographs of girls in a shopping centre. Police raided his home in 2002 and found a host of images of abused children, ages ranging from babies upwards.

He lampooned the treatment he received for sex offenders as ‘mind numbing’, his warped mind actually thinks that those who do not share his beliefs are the real criminals.

Twitter have recently banned his @OSCP1 account and have actively closed down the following 10 accounts he tried setting up within 24 hrs. We have evidence of him intimidating victims of child abuse and sharing sites of interest to paedophiles using twitter. He always refers to himself as “We / They / Us” when in fact the OSC is no more than him probably sat on a sofa with a laptop conversing secretly with  child abusing / paedophile members. He continuously refers to libel, being harassed when in fact, it is him pursuing victims and preying on child support organisations.

Oldfield’s “Always Winning” tag line is another piece of reverse psychology to give the view that despite your protests, views or opinions on his ‘bedroom’ based organisation, you can not win. Child Sex Offenders always have the upper hand and you as what’s seen as a normal citizen, can’t win against him and his bedroom operation.

To ensure this criminal is not allowed to perform these tasks he is so intent in pursuing, we need him to be banned from ever having an internet connection. It seems our justice system is happy for him to carry on as are the Police.

And you thought we lived in a civilised country, think again.

Update: OSC is back under the guise if @OSCP12c with the following header:




The British Establishment Is A Cesspit!

Man Up!

The mainstream media (MSN) will not be brave enough to dig deep into the Paedophile Ring being exposed. The ‘Ring’ goes deep, deep at the heart of our establishment involving Politicians, Business Leaders (Masonic), Judiciary, Social Services, The Police right through to the Entertainment world and those running the publicly funded BBC.

As public citizens, we NEED to question our MP’s, contact the press and encourage them to blow this cover up wide open, far beyond the footmen (Savile, Glitter, et al) right to the heart of the matter. Yes, it’s shocking and not the sort of fluffy, brain numbing rubbish you’ve become accustomed to on TV.

Paedophilia MUST STOP NOW!!!! or it could be your child next, or your children’s children! We must not let this get brushed under the carpet during a BBC or Government ‘Inquiry’. How can we expect the BBC to investigate itself? This goes much further and far beyond the BBC! Our establishment is a cesspit, a cesspit covering up disgusting acts of child deprivation and sexual assault.

Contact your MP, raise your concerns, tell them you know it goes much further than the BBC or Savile, listen / watch their reaction – see their FEAR!

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Driven To Distraction

Savile Just Keeps Headlining – But…..:

Now it’s been revealed that Jimmy Savile colluded with not only BBC hierarchy to fulfil his pleasures, it’s now revealed that a Council in Yorkshire provided girls for his pleasure for payment in lieu of visiting an event. Six School Girls we’re invited to stay in Savile’s tent  whilst Leeds Council sifted and provided the most ‘stunning’ girls for Savile to have fun with.

But isn’t this all a huge distraction? Do we realise that what Savile and his co buddies have done is just tip of the iceberg. This week, schools are being encouraged to provide contraceptive injections and implants to kids so that that can enjoy underage sex without getting pregnant. Our disgusting ‘Liberal’ leaders would make out this is a good thing and prevent unwanted pregnancies, they gloss over the fact that they are encouraging under age sex, yet more softening for the general public.

This is nothing more than STATE SPONSORED CHILD NEGLECT!!!!! Our establishment has destroyed the family ethos and now want to create circumstances where under age sex is totally acceptable.

Nurses and Teachers will be able to arrange these injections / implants without the parents knowledge, thus taking away parents responsibilities and putting them at the foot of our ‘Nanny’ state, a Nanny State that has become Britain’s Pimp.